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Amazon features movie downloads as well and one of the cool options with UnBox is that you can "rent" a movie to download. It sort of works like Pay Per View in that you will have a 24 hour viewing window to watch the movie and then after that it is locked out. Also, you can have Amazon Unbox items transferred to your TiVo and watch them on your tv. For another option, there is Fast TV Downloads. Instead of paying per episode, you pay a single membership fee and download as many shows as you like. TV shows had transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry (more than $50 billion as of last count) in the U.S. alone. And consciously or otherwise, television had become a touchstone of popular culture it had helped spawn through entertainment, education, news and current events, politics, sports and many other facets of modern life. Opera" may have been around the world a few times - but wait until you see it at The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! Still featuring all of Andrew Lloyd Webbers stirring songs, the show has been mounted in a room redone to resemble the Paris Opera House. New and dramatic effects have been added to this production, and the chandelier scene is described as a true heart stopper. Statement had me stumped (a sociology master�s makes a miserable stand-in for a design degree). But Baker noted a key tenet of marketing: Customers love stories. And despite the workaday reality, they see the artist�s life as inherently exciting, fascinating, and free. Baker�s advice for writing the artist�s statement: Out go the credentials; Texas radio in go stories about the accidental feline scratches in your clay. Out go the awards; in go ways that owning your art will make customers feel fabulous. Think People Magazine, or hire a writer to do so.

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