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Right from the point you leave your house to the airport, the celebrity treatment has already started. You get the star treatment of being ferried to and fro the airport in your very own limousine. In fact, every tiny little bit of detail will be planned and arranged for you by your own concierge. Since traveling by private jet doesn't exactly come cheap (it actually is quite a packet), its always better to compare the rates of various jet chartering companies, and choose the best deals. Irrespective of the fact whether you are traveling on a budget or you are looking for the best services, it's always prudent to hire a private jet from a company that has reasonable rates. Airlines among the best examples of this. Now Air Taxi business is coming into play as an extension of the fractional jet market. After 9-11 we saw a big boost in chartered aircraft for top executives as the lines and hassles created by the TSA were unnerving to say the least. More executives and wealthy families traveling this way provided greater volume and economies of scale and thus spurred on the market when other commercial aviation sectors were hit hard by 9-11. These planes weigh 10,000 pounds or less and have a flying distance of about 500 miles. This makes them ideal for short 'commuter' hops. It also means a substantially lower cost for the passenger over current 'upscale' air charter or fractional jet ownership. If you want to fly to an airport outside the per seat network of cities you would probably need to charter the entire aircraft as per seat pricing would not likely be available. It's all about efficiency: The emerging air taxi business model brings more efficiency to the air charter model. Michigan certified pilots Less waste will equate to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, more productivity and lower end costs. Air taxi is expected to become more available and less expensive as Very Light Jets (VLJs) are produced and made available for air charter and air taxi flights. These aircraft promise to provide services at 20% to 40% discounts from existing light jet aircraft such as the one in the example.

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