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Looking for ways to sharpen your sales skills or improve the performance of your sales team? Well, you have come to the right blog! Here you will discover sales techniques to help you and your team win more business. Some of the ideas presented will help you think outside the box and some will be getting back to basic sales skills. Read what our Partner Advantage Sales Team experts are saying about winning you more business and share your ideas in the comment box!

Why is it so important to be in control of the sales process?

Being in sales, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty as to who is really in control of the sales process. Is it the salesperson driving the process or the prospect?

As salespeople, we want to be in control but it can be very difficult at times to control things as we have no control of – the prospect!

So, why is it difficult to keep control? The simple fact is prospects are people just like you. Think how hard it is for someone to control you. Selling to people is not an easy job.

But even though controlling the prospect may, at times, be a difficult task to accomplish there are things we can do to maintain control of the sales process.

Sometimes it depends on how YOU perceive the situation which could be the -- golden nugget -- to your success.

Believing you are in control and taking the right steps in the sales process will give you the power, regardless of whether it is truly fact or fiction.

It is so important to believe in yourself and the solutions you are offering to your prospects.

So, how can you be sure you’re feeling in control of the sales cycle?

Focus on the things you can control, the sales process. More times then not, you will usually lose control of the sales cycle if you try to control the prospect.

You, as the salesperson can take full control on what you will and will not do as a sales representative. For instance, you determine who to give your time to and what happens next in the sales process.

If you’re letting the prospect dictate when a product demonstration takes place, the price of your services and software, demanding a proposal or telling you the order in which the sales stages will happen overall -- then you are not in control, and in fact you will feel completely out of control.

Setting up rules of engagement when you initially start the sales process with your prospect will help you stay in control and let the prospect know you are going to conduct business in a very organized manner. Be sure to document the rules of engagement and assign dates when the various sales stages will happen then have the prospect sign it. You’ll know if you have a serious prospect when they question the dates or better yet suggest changes to the document.

Another way to stay in control is asking questions. The more you understand your prospects business processes and concerns, the more you will learn how best to help them. Their input to your questioning, needless to say, is critical to your success and will help you keep control of the sales process. Staying in control with confidence is vitally important. It will help provide you with the winning formula and will give your prospects a sense of security that will pave the way to letting you stay in control of the sales process.

Just having that sense of being in control will provide comfort to both you and the prospect.

Reinforcing the sense of control takes your selling skills to a whole different level. In the end, it will help to bolster confidence in your abilities opening the gates to win more sales opportunities.


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