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Explore marketing ideas and tips to save you time and money when executing your campaigns and plans. Solutions are just a click away as you network with the Partner Advantage Team experts and other Sage business partners. Share your past experiences by letting us know what has worked for your company and what has not worked. Tell us what you think by adding your comments!

February 2009 - Posts

  • More Marketing

    What if the inquiry you called doesn’t have immediate plans to buy something? Should you trash the lead? Or can you rescue it?

    The answer: MORE MARKETING!! Remember that 25 percent of inquirers make a purchase –of your product or a competitor’s—within 12 months. So your job is to stay in front of them and come across their desk when they’re finally ready to make a purchase.

    But there’s more to it than that. Your job is also to become a trusted advisor, so that when they buy there’s no question that they’re going to call YOU!

    How can you become a trusted advisor? Remember that at this early stage in the buying cycle, the prospect’s biggest need is for reliable, trustworthy information. BE that resource. Continue to mail to the inquirer.

    If you don’t have a quarterly newsletter, why not? If you do, excellent. Be sure to add your inquirers to the subscription list. Any time Sage comes out with a new white paper or booklet, send a brief letter offering it to these folks.

    Keep an eye out for Interesting magazine articles on a relevant topic and send them a copy with your compliments. A brief hand-written message along the lines of, “Saw this article and was impressed with the author’s grasp of CRM; thought you’d want to see it.”

    Make sure that each contact is worthwhile, provides information and continues to position your company as THE expert, trustworthy advisor. You can mail about every six to eight weeks without wearing out the prospect.

    Set a reminder on your calendar every month to figure out what you’re going to send your inquirers and make it a habit to send something out every six to eight weeks.  When they’re eventually ready to buy, they’ll be buying from you!

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